Our clients seek fidelity in transcribing their art onto paper.

The technologies developed by Ipsis make it possible to bring the reality of images and their nuances to paper, regardless of the original, be it fine art, paper, photography, illustration, collage, painting, drawing or any other artistic form.

Discover below the exclusive technologies patented by Ipsis.



Ipsis offers the service of digitizing any type of positive or negative film (35mm to 4 × 5) and photographic paper.

Maximum scanning format: 700x465mm at 300dpi’s.


Extends the CMYK color gamut. The technique also in four-color allows the approximation of the original in RGB with cleaner and saturated colors, bringing more definition and volume to the image.


It values ​​B&W images, assigning greater density in low lights without losing information. In high lights and half-tone areas it accurately reproduces the gray scale. The objective of the technique is to guarantee greater fidelity in the reproduction of the work.


Technology has 2 grays and 2 blacks in its separation, which expands the nuances obtaining greater definition between high lights and half tones, as FullBlack® values ​​images in B&W. It allows changing the color hue (hot and cold), depending on the work or the type of reproduction.


This technology was developed for digital printing (indigo) allows neutral tonal reproduction and higher density in low light.

Remote Approval Ease and flexibility to access and approve your work online.

With ease and flexibility to access and approve your work via the web.

Ipsis provides the InSite remote approval tool to assist its Clients in the optimization of time.

The portal allows the review and final approval of your work, replacing the physical proof of content.

The system offers security and confidentiality of the content of the available works, records access history, notifications and changes made.

Color Management We have technology to ensure control of the various equipment used during the process to obtain consistency in the result.

The metrology process through monitors, proofing system and calibrated plate engraving, ensure the correct color reproduction in the printing, obtaining the customers’ desired result, with images that stand out for their beauty and level of detail.